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Be Creative. Be Bold. Be Spicy.

Welcome to my spicy creative passion. Food is meant to be full of fun exploding flavors! Spices can enhance your food and create whole new levels of flavor and that goes from intense to mild, with just a little bit a whole dish can change.

It is used worldwide to provide comfort, to unite families and friends, for celebrations and tragedies, to come together in times of every possible emotion and occurrence. Some like it spicy, some like it hot, some want flavor without fire and some want to burn & sweat! Some want to learn how to use spice and some are experts but no one knows it all. It is a journey of discovery and creativity. It is endless and inspiring.

I love creating different depths of flavor from common spices & making new combinations by taking spices and salts & mixing them together to form an exciting and new combination!
I think taking spices and melding them together to find new and inventive ways of seasoning foods is essential in creating flavors that compliment one's cooking style and tastes.

It all started with fresh spices my husband brought me back from Morocco and it was all downhill from there!
I slowly started putting together blends that are user friendly that anyone can use and play with in their kitchen and start discovering their own creative side, finding out that flavor of fruits, meats, and vegetables are brought out with the right combinations of spices and your taste buds can come alive with more intense flavor sensations. The more I played and experimented the deeper down the rabbit hole I went.
A lot of my blends are designed specifically to get you out of your "seasoning box" of the same old things, like Rockin Root Beer Rub with organic root beer flavor and beer extract a little garlic and some other fine spices to caramelize on a grilled steak TO DIE FOR I might add.

All the spices & blends are all natural, with many of them now organic & are 100% pure spice, I use no MSG, FILLERS, ANTI CAKING AGENTS or any artificial ingredients and are of the highest quality. Due to the quality they are more potent than on the shelf spices. are kept out of all sunlight and have a higher oil content & therefor you do not need to use as much to get a rich flavor.
For some of my flavors that are not a spice, such as the root-beer flavoring I use an organic freeze dried flavoring to keep in the spirit of all natural high quality ingredients.


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